Will Mahan, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (GLBTQ) Issues

Atlanta is one of one of top 10 cities in the country for the number of same-sex couples, and has one of the largest concentrations of GLBTQ populations in the Southeast.  The city is known throughout the region for being an overall safe and accepting place to be a sexual minority.However, many GLBT individuals in Atlanta have moved here to find acceptance, and have experienced prejudice and discrimination in their previous residences.  As youth in particular, sexual and gender minorities are subjected on average to a higher level of verbal and physical harassment than are their cisgender, heterosexual peers – often from multiple sources, including classmates, family members, and members of the community.  As a result of this discrimination, sexual and gender minority individuals often experience higher rates of substance abuse, depression, and anxiety than the cisgender, heterosexual population. Each sub-group within the sexual and gender minority population also experiences unique stressors, apart from the overall discrimination that faced by those who fall outside of society’s “norms” with regard to sexual and gender identity.

​Fortunately, the fields of counseling and psychology have been, for the most part, ahead of the curve in dealing with sexual minorities not as individuals with “mental disorders,” but as individuals with problems just like any individual, which may or may not be exacerbated by their sexual and/or gender minority status.  Counseling theories have begun to acknowledge that – just as with women and other minorities – previous discrimination can also have a dramatic impact on the current mental well-being of individuals.   

​If you are dealing with issues related to your sexual or gender identity, or are just seeking a counseling environment that is welcoming and safe for all sexual and gender minorities, feel free to call Will Mahan, LPC at 404-229-6177 or e-mail atlantacounselor@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.